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At Work

Starry Night is dedicated to the creation of jewelry with a green conscience!

All jewelry in this shop is handmade by a Minneapolis local (yours truly) using re-purposed antique pocket watch parts. No watches are harmed in the making of this jewelry! No holes are drilled, no plates are cut, no glue is spilled... instead, creative wire-wrapping techniques are used to incorporate natural stones into the watch mechanisms.

With each piece of jewelry I provide as much information as possible. This includes the mystic lore associated with all stones used in the jewelry, as well as watch dates and histories (if they can be found).

I also love to hear YOUR watch stories, because I know there are many out there. Heck, this business began with a story about a razor blade, a grandfather's broken pocket watch, and too much time on my hands (not the case anymore). So feel free to share your own experiences!

Custom Order

Custom Orders

Please contact me via email if you're interested in a custom order. Custom orders are most welcome! The process typically goes as follows:

  1. Contact me with details regarding what you're interested in, any color, size, and type preferences, budget concerns, deadline requirements, etc.
  2. I will respond to you within a few days to clarify any information you provided. Once I have some ideas for you, I will send you photos of options that you can choose from. It typically takes at least rounds of photo emails to reach the finished product.
  3. When you are satisfied with the finished custom piece, I will send you an itemized list detailing the total price (including any taxes and shipping costs).
  4. Once payment is complete, I will ship your jewelry to you as speedily
    as I can!

Returns, Exchanges, and Repairs

Returns are acceptable in the case of jewelry defects due to inadequate construction discovered shortly after receipt. Please discuss the circumstances with me so that I have the opportunity to understand what went wrong and whether it can be corrected. Should you wish to return an item in the case of “change of heart” or other non-defect-related reasons, Exchanges are possible.

Repair Services are most definitely available! If a repair is required soon after purchase due to inadequate construction, please contact me for a Free and prompt fix. Should you require a repair due to ordinary wear and tear or loss of a portion of the jewelry piece, please contact me for an Affordable and prompt fix.

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